Learn how to share your faith in 3 simple steps!

3 Days - Live Webinar • April 21st - 23rd • 3 pm UTC


Werner Nachtigal
Int. President at Global Outreach Day

Herby Castillo
Pastor, Philippines

Daniel Oscar
Dominican Republic

Shaka Moses
Pastor, Uganda

5 Reasons why you are not successfully sharing your faith

  • You don't know how to start: Is fear holding you back from starting a conversation? It's easy! Just start with "Hello!"
  • You are talking people’s ears off: God gave you TWO ears and ONE mouth: Learn how to truly connect with non-believers and listen to them instead of overwhelming them.
  • You are trying to copy someone else. 
    God wrote a unique story with your life – be yourself and use your story!
  • Learn to share the Gospel without being weird: Did you know that there is a modern language to share the Good News?
  • You don’t know how to “land the plane”: 
    A pilot not only needs to learn to start but also to land a plane.Often we are excited about a good conversation but are afraid to “land the plan”, and challenge people to make a decision for Christ.